Our Strategy

What opportunities do we target?

We target:

  • Industries with underlying structural tailwinds
  • Companies where combining existing competencies with bold actions can dramatically shift the strategic narrative
  • Opportunities with a compelling strategic value creation angle
  • Opportunities where reshaping governance can catalyze change
  • Companies with high-caliber leadership

Who do we
partner with?

We partner with strategic corporates based in Asia that share our belief in the importance of a sound and conducive governance framework as the underpinning for successful investments, particularly in a cross-border context.

Our strategic partners are globally-oriented corporates capable of supporting the long-term growth of our target companies, catalyzing geographic and product expansion, and collaborating on R&D across core technologies and new applications.

How do we create value?

Interest Alignment
We believe it is critical to establish clear interest alignment at the onset between all stakeholders. We ensure that the joint investment structure with our strategic partner embeds this alignment so we can concentrate on working in tandem to create value. Importantly, we implement attractive management incentive plans that generate shared excitement in the future growth prospects of our portfolio companies.
Strategic Synergies
From the initial stages of evaluating an investment, we work with our strategic partners to identify synergies – areas where harnessing the strengths of the respective parties allows us to (i) solidify market presence, (ii) expand product and service mix, (iii) gain access to other regional markets, and (iv) combine technology leadership with manufacturing knowhow.
Operational Improvements
We have extensive experience in managing the operational aspects of an investment. We work with the management teams to help drive operational initiatives including production efficiencies, Sales & Operations Planning processes, and working capital optimization.
Active Engagement by a Knowledgeable Board of Directors
At the board level, we seek to create a governing body comprised of experienced directors that can work closely with management as thought partners to help drive the company’s strategic actions. Where necessary, we bring in non-executive directors with relevant expertise and skillsets so that board sessions result in the active exchange of real, value-creating ideas rather than regress into a routine, bureaucratic process.
Problem-solving Approach
Working with many different stakeholders, especially across borders, time zones and cultures inevitably causes challenges. Our experience transecting investment banking and private equity, Asian corporates and multi-nationals, and as natives to both East and West, undergirded by a solutions-driven and continuous-improvement mentality help us to embrace and overcome these challenges.